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In late 2016, Teller went to rural Rajasthan for three months to work with the amazing Saheli Women.
The group was started by the charity IPHD India, who together are working to empower the group with the resources to rise above poverty to enable them to transform their lives and that of their families.
The charity IPHD India has been working with the women for three years providing training, a safe space to work and a social environment in which they can relax, debate, make friends, receive medical advice, get nutritional support, get economic training and their children can make use of the library and drawing area. Since the amazing work of IPHD, the women’s lives have notably improved in their confidence, health and income. The aim for IPHD is to work with more international partners to be able to employ more women from the village.
Teller’s role was to initially provide specific tailoring and embroidery training and then we worked together on pieces to be sold in the UK.
Every piece of production made means money goes directly into the pockets of the woman who made it. 
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