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Pigeon Organics

In an ever changing world, we like to hang on to a few fundamental values.  We love to design and to create beautiful collections for little people.  But we also care out where our cotton comes from, who makes our clothes, who sells them and who wears them.  
Our beautifully soft cotton is 100% organic and our clothes are made in a small number of factories which adhere to fair labour practices (see more about our certification below). We work with hundreds of small independent retailers across the UK and further afield and we care about providing them with the best possible service we can - we want to support vibrant high streets in our towns and cities.  And finally, we hope (and we are told) that the design and quality of our clothes means that they can be passed from baby to baby and child to child again and again.
Almost our entire range is certified by the Soil Association in accordance with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).  We are very proud that this certification covers the entire supply chain, from field to finished product.
Jersey Joggers Pigeon Organics £23.90 £23.90
Blouse With Peter Pan Collar (Print) Pigeon Organics £15.50 £19.90 £15.50 £19.90
Printed Jersey Shirt - Cacti Pigeon Organics £21.50 £21.50
Printed Shorts Pigeon Organics £24.50 £24.50
Long Shorts Pigeon Organics £25.50 £25.50
Printed Jersey Shirt - Cyclist Pigeon Organics £21.50 £21.50
Lightweight Woven Shirt Pigeon Organics £21.50 £21.50
Blouse With Peter Pan Collar (Embroidered) Pigeon Organics £19.90 £19.90
Sleeveless Dress With Peter Pan Collar Pigeon Organics £27.90 £27.90
Button-up Jersey Dress Pigeon Organics £20.00 £25.50 £20.00 £25.50


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