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How we started our sustainable business

Entrepreneurship is hard. Someone said that the entrepreneur’s path is a sinusoid from depression to euphoria. I tend to agree for the most part. Yet, how did we end up here?

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Little bit over three months ago I came to Zarrina with an idea of opening an online shop that would not only sell sustainable, organic and ethical brands, but most importantly affordable brands. Frankly, we both had very small knowledge of how big the sustainable community was. I only discovered slow fashion and sustainable brands in June last year, when I was doing a short internship for another ethical online store. Shame to my own ignorance back then, I knew little about unfair trade, Rana Plaza tragedy and unethical practices of high street fashion brands. Since last summer I have started to learn more about ethical trade and sustainability. My first step towards more conscious lifestyle was when I decided that I no longer want to support make-up and skincare brands that test on animals. My impulsive shopping habit took longer to die out. Thinking about how much money I have spent on clothes that I honestly barely wear, I could open another online shop all together. Fortunately, it all finally came to me this year. I decided to at least shop sustainable brands. Most of the existing shops had an amazing brands and collection, but they were too expensive for my budget. The search for more affordable options was taking too long and I ended up not buying anything after all. And I was certain, I wasn’t the only one struggling. That’s how me and Zarrina came up with an idea to make our lives and others life easier and open our own online store that would sell sustainable, ethical, organic and affordable brands.
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Is it easy to run a business? Not really. Is it exciting? Absolutely. Especially knowing that we are partnering with amazing brands that share our values and want to make sustainable clothing and skincare affordable for everyone.

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