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Busy motherhood + slow living?

What, besides Art, connects an aesthetician and an experienced makeup artist? Two friends, two mothers, they make small changes every day to live more consciously. I asked founders of Lucy and Chrissy both philosophic and everyday questions to have more understanding of how they can juggle with busy motherhood and slow living. 



How did you come to a slow living?

We both still feel very much at the beginning of our slow living journey, and its taken a long time to get to where we are now! Making small changes one at a time slowly and carefully is part of the joy of a more ethical lifestyle. There's no rush or pressure to be perfect, it's just about becoming conscious in each area of your life, at a pace that suits you.


Lucy, you have 10 years of experience as a makeup artist. Wow! It sounds interesting to me. But the question is, as an experienced makeup artist, do you think testing on animals is that necessary? [Did you ever see any difference between cruelty-free beauty products and others?]

Yes! I was a makeup artist in the TV industry for a decade and it was an amazing part of my life, my passion always lay in the quality of products I was using and the creativity of it all but as my lifestyle changed and I learnt more about the importance of cruelty free beauty and zero waste, I became disenchanted with the job and lost a bit of my passion. Since giving it up when I was pregnant with my second little boy, 2 years ago, I still love the art of makeup and beautiful quality products, just much less of them and always cruelty-free!



I bet as a slow living person and a conscious person you think [or dream] about life. Like what if … These questions a difficult to answer, and I can never find proper answers, but anyway I’ll try and ask. What if everyone on Earth wears organic cotton?

Haha, all the time! Although it always feels so overwhelming when I think about it like that. The brilliant thing about doing something like Eco Thing together is that we champion the smallest of changes and celebrate even a change of mindset or just learning something new that day. We can discuss it, share it and hopefully give people ideas for changes they haven't yet made. If we had one great wish though, it would be that there would be a global movement to boycott fast fashion!


What do people need to learn before it happens?

I find it's all about education and empathy. Before I started educating myself on the fast fashion industry all I knew was that sweatshops existed. Anything other than I just buried my head in the sand and kept myself disconnected from what I was buying because I liked it. After watching a documentary about the collapse of Rana Plaza in 2013 it completely overhauled my thinking. Not only were women and children being verbally and physically abused every day as they worked crazy long hours, they knew they were doing it in a very dangerous environment, threatened with no pay if they didn't turn up to work. The result is that over 1300 people died, around 2500 were injured and the survivors are now living with lost limbs and post-traumatic stress. That's before you even get started on the waste produced by this industry!! I would urge people to do some research on the fast fashion industry before making their next purchase.



Based on your life experience or maybe what you’ve seen sometimes travelling, what sustainable thing would you like to implement in your life which is not in it yet?

Some of our next sustainable changes are going to be; finding some ethically made shoe brands, creating a more organised routine for my food shopping so I can shop more frequently from some of the amazing bulk shops we have here in Bristol, trying out the refillable bamboo mascara from Zao Makeup when mine runs out, purchasing some plastic free suncream for this year's sun and buying a Guppy Bag (something that collects all the microplastics when you wash your clothes!).


As a mom, which things that your children do [or that you taught them and they learned it] make you be proud of? For example, I can possibly cry when my daughter turns the tap off when brushing her teeth.

Haha yes!! Its the smallest parenting wins can bring you such joy, can't they! I think this is actually something my little boy learnt at school recently but the other day he started telling me about how 'plastic was bad for the ocean and that all the oceans were connected and that we needed to protect the fish' - it was so lovely to discuss it with him and it helped me realise how much of a capacity children have to take this stuff in and that what we teach them is so important.


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