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5 UK based sustainable fashion blogs you need to know

When you decide to start your sustainable journey it means not only going zero waste and plastic free but also supporting ethical and sustainable fashion. We made a list of 5 UK based sustainable fashion blogs that can inspire and give lots of useful information on what to wear and where to shop sustainably.




The sustainable edit sustainable fashion blog


You definitely have got to check out Jen’s account @sustainableedit. She is a beautiful lady living in Scotland and sharing her journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and wardrobe. You will find lots of useful information on sustainable and ethical brands while scrolling down, and will probably need a pen and paper because the list of the brands she’s wearing is really good.

the sustainable edit 


Her style is changing during the year as you can see from her Instagram account, sometimes more basic, sometimes more patterned, but yet always delicately simple and minimalistic. 

Jen also runs her blog where you can get to know her better and find out why she quit the capsule wardrobe and how it helped her.






Greyish pink or pinkish grey? This girl from Scotland must know a million times more shades of pink than we do. Her blog is unforgettable!


Honeslty Mili blog


Having refused to be just a typical fashion blogger showing off the season’s must-haves, Mili has gone further and made it all sustainably both towards herself and the environment. She believes that sustainable fashion is not only for the rich and classy, but also for fun and trendy style lovers whose money don’t burn their pockets. So if you are young, trendy and conscious, and would like to master preloved shopping, this blog is for you. 


Honestly Mili instagram account






You will quickly get addicted to Lottie. Her style is as vibrant and lively as London. She is positive about everything and writes about things that she really cares about, and sustainability in fashion is one of them. Thrift shopping, biodegradable glitter, mindfulness are the words that you will read about on her blog and Instagram account.  

 uk based into the eco sustainable fashion blog uk


Lottie calls for all the eco warriors to discuss slow fashion and ethical choices. Check out Lottie’s Instagram account and blog and you will learn not only about sustainable fashion but also about environmental issues and mindfulness.


Into the eco sustainable fashion instagram





This blog is all about fashion, fashion, and fashion. Clothes, bags, earrings, watches, travelling, and even baby fashion. And the most exciting that all of it is sustainable.


The fair edit sustainable fashion and travel blog


Beatrice calls herself Brazilian soul, British at heart ethical fashion, conscious living & slow travel blogger and we just can’t get enough of her inspiring photos. She just beats the stereotype about slow fashion [many think that it’s too simple and boring]. Just scroll down her Instagram page and you won’t find any difference with magazine photos and styles.  


Beatrice Turner the fair edit sustainable fashion and travel blog UK





Cameron is an Advocate for pre-loved clothes. Her wardrobe mostly consists of pre-loved luxury items and when it isn’t preloved it’s from sustainable and slow fashion brands.

Cameron Uppish UK based slow fashion sustainable fashion blogger London thrift shopping guide


Indeed, Cameron has a beautiful Instagram account grid, with pretty much information about what and where she buys her clothes. But the truly magnificent thing is her Uppish blog! It’s like opening a treasure chest. Not only she writes about sustainable fashion and her outfits but also has a brilliant section for London thrift guides which is divided by areas of the city. And on top of that Cameron is sharing her zero waste journey where again you may find really useful ideas to try. 


UK based sustainable fashion blogger UPPISH




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