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5 Instagram accounts about a sustainable lifestyle, slow living and clean beauty

We are so happy to see that so many people support a sustainable lifestyle and so many of them run their Instagram accounts to share their experience and knowledge. Whether you are new to sustainability or already have what to say to the world, here is the list of 5 UK based Instagram accounts that inspire and show how beautiful sustainability is.

1. Moral Fibres 

No matter who you are, a total beginner or a master in a sustainable lifestyle, you will definitely find @moralfinbresblog a really useful account. Not only about sustainable fashion it is, but also about food, zero waste, the environment, children and housekeeping from a perspective of sustainability. We’re afraid we won’t be able to name all of the categories! Health and beauty, arts and crafts, fashion, energy saving and garden are only a tiny fracture of what you can find on the blog. Wendy, who runs the blog, is also an author of a book on natural cleaning Fresh Clean Home which will make your journey to a chemicals free home smooth and easy. 

2. Pinkscharming

Mother of two beautiful ballerinas Becky writes about natural beauty products, green home solutions and ethical lifestyle on her @pinkscharming account. If you’re looking for ideas to decorate your house with plants or nice little things or redecorate your room or corner to comply with ever-changing needs of the children, you definitely need this account for some tips and much inspiration. Becky is also an upcycling enthusiast and can find such a surprising way of reusing things. Also, we always wait for her clean beauty reviews on the blog as they are very useful and provide pretty much information. It’s just unbelievable how many clean beauty brands she knows, she uses and also writes about.


pinks charming uk based sustainable lifestyle blog

3. Ohhelloface

Oh, Lucy… why are you so charming?

Lucy is an ex-TV Makeup Artist with 10 years of experience and now runs her own vlog about zero waste hair and skincare. So it’s unsurprising there’s lots of useful and just curiously interesting information out there. Lucy is an ethical living enthusiast. And living slowly goes together with growing up two lovely toddlers with whom Lucy has lots of quality time, so if you want to know how to have it all, check out @ohhelloface Instagram account. We’re in love with Lucy’s beautiful house and fascinated with the kitchen and the greens inside and outside of it, her warm photos of herself and the kids, and most importantly how she can live this cosy lifestyle in this fussy world.


lucy ohhelloface instagram account

4. Sustainablysimple

Ethical and sustainable fashion, organic and zero waste skincare, healthy food plus one beautiful lady — it’s all about @sustainablysimple Instagram account. Rachel is an advocate of all simple so needed in our lives. It’s amazing how many events she attends, how many small sustainable shops she knows, and shares with the followers to spread the awareness. Just scroll down the page and you will definitely find something interesting whether it’s ethical fashion, zero waste skincare or plastic-free challenge. This London girl rocks the sustainable lifestyle!


sustainably simple ethical fashion blog in uk

5. Charlotte.clothier

 For dessert head over to @charlotte.clothier account. Charlotte has one of the most attractive Instagram accounts, and it will be really useful for you if you are a vegan because you will find so many vegan food ideas, also there a plenty of vegan fashion items posted on the account so you’ll never need to break your head over what to buy and where to find. For non-vegans it’s just a perfect place to get inspired and shake up your wardrobe and meals with new ideas. Charlotte also loves boho. And she actually doesn’t need any additional introduction after this. Vegan fashion. Vegan food. Boho. 


charlotte clothier blog


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