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How to gain financial freedom and stop stressing out about money

Money stress is something most of us are familiar with - the drop in your stomach when you receive an unexpected bill, the fear of checking your bank account, the nagging feeling that you need to get on top of your finances but have no idea where to begin.

But never fear, it is possible to feel free of money fear even if you’re struggling right now. Here are some tips to help you gain financial freedom and get on the path to feeling good about money.

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How To Love Your Clothes More With The 30 Wears Challenge by Lottie Woods

Taking a step back from the fast fashion treadmill allows us all to question what we really want from our clothes, and helps us to start channelling those desires in a healthier fashion, so to speak. Through buying for love over lust and quality over quantity we can start to be the person we truly want to be, giving meaning back to our clothes. 
Get Curious About Fashion. A short guide to find who made your clothes.

Get Curious About Fashion. A short guide to find who made your clothes.

“What do you mean by ethical or sustainable fashion?” is a question we get a lot when we mention Beyneu. It’s a understandable question. There are so many brands out there claiming that they’re ethical and sustainable, but how do you know that they actually are? We know how confusing it can be, so we decided to answer that question here.




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